Friday, August 11, 2017



Chaos reigns in the White House.  Donald TWEETS insane  threats about war with North Korea and attacks Republicans for lack of action in Congress.  But the incident that put me over the top was his thanking Putin for kicking 755 diplomats out of Russia. 

It is my belief that President Donald  J. Trump suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and he is now showing the beginning signs of Alzheimers Disease  (His Father died of the disease.). He is increasingly impulsive, erratic, and jumps from one topic or issue to another with little or no connection to reality. This man has his finger on the Nuclear button and we all need to fear what he might do next.

Over the first 8 months of his rule he has demonstrated the following:

1.  He does not know how a democratic government works.
2.  He shows no interest in policy or the details needed to run the country.
3.  All he wants is  a "WIN", no matter the cost to others.
4.  He is a con artist who cares only about himself and does not seem to know how to  keep the promises he has made.
5. He is obsessed with the investigation into his connections to the Russians and is scared to death of what may come to light.
6. He has a love affair with Vladimir Putin and does everything he can to please him.

Donald is bordering on being insane. His delusional tweets and rants are the vocal expressions of a brain that is NOT normal.  He does not think or feel like most of us. He does not understand or empathize with people who are hurting, either physically or mentally. He believes in lashing out and attacking an opponent's weaknesses to make himself look good or superior. He is  a cold, unfeeling man who  could destroy others and have no regrets.  He once said "I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and they would still follow me", when referring to his supporters. Could he push a button and kill millions of people and not think twice about it?  


Donald has to be removed from the Presidency now, before he destroys the world as we know it. He has no real understanding of what awesome power he has at his fingertips. 

I do NOT believe the Republicans  in Congress will impeach him. They are cowards and fear they will be "primaried" by some right-wing nut who likes Trump. So they will cower in a corner, cover their heads and hope that the hell Donald creates will not hurt them.

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution  allows for The Cabinet and/or Congress to decide if he is unfit either physically or mentally to serve as President.  He can be removed by a major vote  of either body.  I do NOT believe these  people have the "guts" to stand up to Trump, so this will never happen.

The citizens of the United States must rise up and demand that Trump step down as President. Why would he do it? Only one reason---family ties. If Donald agrees to resign, gives up his TWITTER ACCOUNT and the Trump family vacates the White House,  then all  prosecutions of Trump Family members involved in the Russian Investigation would stop.


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