Friday, August 11, 2017



Chaos reigns in the White House.  Donald TWEETS insane  threats about war with North Korea and attacks Republicans for lack of action in Congress.  But the incident that put me over the top was his thanking Putin for kicking 755 diplomats out of Russia. 

It is my belief that President Donald  J. Trump suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and he is now showing the beginning signs of Alzheimers Disease  (His Father died of the disease.). He is increasingly impulsive, erratic, and jumps from one topic or issue to another with little or no connection to reality. This man has his finger on the Nuclear button and we all need to fear what he might do next.

Over the first 8 months of his rule he has demonstrated the following:

1.  He does not know how a democratic government works.
2.  He shows no interest in policy or the details needed to run the country.
3.  All he wants is  a "WIN", no matter the cost to others.
4.  He is a con artist who cares only about himself and does not seem to know how to  keep the promises he has made.
5. He is obsessed with the investigation into his connections to the Russians and is scared to death of what may come to light.
6. He has a love affair with Vladimir Putin and does everything he can to please him.

Donald is bordering on being insane. His delusional tweets and rants are the vocal expressions of a brain that is NOT normal.  He does not think or feel like most of us. He does not understand or empathize with people who are hurting, either physically or mentally. He believes in lashing out and attacking an opponent's weaknesses to make himself look good or superior. He is  a cold, unfeeling man who  could destroy others and have no regrets.  He once said "I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and they would still follow me", when referring to his supporters. Could he push a button and kill millions of people and not think twice about it?  


Donald has to be removed from the Presidency now, before he destroys the world as we know it. He has no real understanding of what awesome power he has at his fingertips. 

I do NOT believe the Republicans  in Congress will impeach him. They are cowards and fear they will be "primaried" by some right-wing nut who likes Trump. So they will cower in a corner, cover their heads and hope that the hell Donald creates will not hurt them.

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution  allows for The Cabinet and/or Congress to decide if he is unfit either physically or mentally to serve as President.  He can be removed by a major vote  of either body.  I do NOT believe these  people have the "guts" to stand up to Trump, so this will never happen.

The citizens of the United States must rise up and demand that Trump step down as President. Why would he do it? Only one reason---family ties. If Donald agrees to resign, gives up his TWITTER ACCOUNT and the Trump family vacates the White House,  then all  prosecutions of Trump Family members involved in the Russian Investigation would stop.


Monday, April 10, 2017



There once was a kingdom ruled by King Donald The Last. He ruled by tantrum and tweet; and being blind and deaf he depended on his trusty sidekick Super-fly Jared to buzz around acting as his eyes and ears to the world. His Queen Melania, banished to the Golden Dungeon in the city of Always Awake, watched as the King and his daughter Princess Ivanka ruled from the Dusk House in the city of NO. 

Upon his acendancy to the throne, King Donald was faced with an unhappy peasantry.  He had promised wonderful things when he became king and they were slow in coming.  The peasants wanted their piece of the pie and the king wanted to keep the pie, so a tug of war ensued that created a big mess.

Meanwhile the sinister forces of the sly, evil Vlad Putt and his buddy Sneaky Stevie were doing their best to "stir the  pot" of oil and water to see how long it would take for it to boil over and explode.

The world watches with rapt anticipation as the battles go on with a new twist with each Tweet or Tantrum.  The peasants are heating up the tar and plucking their chickens as they gird themselves for the war that is sure to come. They are loading their pitchforks,  just waiting for a new Joan of Arc to come forward and  say,  "it is time to turn the city of NO into the city of YES.”

Thursday, April 6, 2017



I believe President  Donald J. Trump suffers from ATTENTION DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER, better known as ADHD. This condition is often diagnosed in young children who are having trouble learning in school; and has often been treated with drugs such as Ritalin. I taught science in the  public schools for more than 30 years; and I worked with students who were afflicted with ADHD.

If you doubt my observations, I suggest you GOOGLE  ADHD and look at the list of characteristics of children and adults, mostly men, who suffer with this very traumatic problem; and then look at the way Trump has behaved over the last several years. I believe Donald has suffered with this his whole life and has survived because of his family and his wealth. There is no cure and people do not "grow out of it". Some adults with this condition compensate for their limitations and can complete a successful life. However if they live in poor communities that lack support services, they often succumb to a life of antisocial or criminal behavior.  If Donald were black or poor, he would most likely be in prison right now.

The following are my observations of President Donald J. Trump over the past several years that I believe support my contention that the President suffers from ADHD:

1. He lacks empathy for those he hurts, attacks or criticizes and never apologizes or says he is sorry for anything. 

2. He can't handle criticism or dissent and bullies those who disagree with him.  

3. He cares more about himself than anyone else. When he does actually attempt to show affection toward others, it does not appear to be genuine.

4. He acts impulsively forward women, makes degrading comments about them and seems to grade them on a sexual attractiveness scale. 

5. He is very vulnerable to being manipulated by people who recognize his weaknesses–––Putin and Bannon are both doing this beautifully. His dismissal of Putin's murderous rule and of CIA evidence on Russian hacking of Democratic documents are evidence of the Russian's  power over him. 

6. He throws temper tantrums and uses threat and fear to get his way. It may work in a corporation, but not so well in our constitutional democracy. 

7. He seems to have no real sense of what is right and wrong, so he lies, exaggerates and dismisses facts without any thought of the consequences. He seems  unable to separate fact from fiction, so we get "alternative  facts" as a result..

8. He is unable to laugh at himself or his outlandish behavior. 

9. He can not handle being ignored. He craves constant attention and must be the center of everything. He loves the crowds of people at his rallies who cheer him on and feed his need for adoration.

10. When he delivers speeches or gives interviews "off the cuff" he often speaks in a helter-skelter fashion with no organized logic to his thoughts or ideas. He does not seem to have the ability to convey logical thoughts verbally, so he uses short sentences and slogans like "It will be fantastic"; or "Everyone will love it". Even when he gives a speech from a teleprompter he seems "wooden" and out of his element.

11. He does not appear to study or research problems before acting on them with an "executive order" or a 
"tweet". The recent ban on travel from 7 Muslim countries is a good example of how his lack of planning and foresight leads to a disaster.

12. He perseverates. This is a common condition of people with learning disorders. Meaning he keeps bringing up the same "slight", disagreement, idea or concern time after time for no apparent rational reason. Whatever it is, this item just sits and "stews" in his brain and he has to keep bringing it up, much to everyone's annoyance. The crowd size at his inauguration and the fact that Clinton won the popular vote and he didn't,  are good examples.

He may look like an adult and he obviously can act like one in business or social settings; but he is NOT a normal adult and therein lies America's crisis in leadership.

Some have suggested his position on any given issue depends on whom he has spoken to last.  Steve Bannon, his chief advisor in the White House, has recognized this situation for some time and is using his influence to twist Donald into the kind of "white nationalist " leader that he (Bannon) thinks the country needs.  

Many of Trump's supporters applaud what he is doing  and want him to do more to "shake things up". These people are not comfortable with a progressive democracy where blacks, gays and other minorities have the same civil rights that they enjoy.  They are very uncomfortable with the court rulings on social issues that run contrary to their religious beliefs; and some of them seem to like the idea of a "christian nation" vs our current government that is basically secular.  Trump has been making promises that give these folk reasons  to believe that he agrees with them.

Our President needs a minder with him at all times.  So far Jared Kershner and Kellyanne Conway who have signed on as advisors at the White House, seem to be doing a very poor job. In the early days of  of the administration, Mr. Bannon seems to be in charge and that is not good for the health of America. Donald needs someone who has the country's interests in mind, watching and listening to his every move. He needs help so he can make intelligent decisions. If he goes off on his own without supervision the whole planet may be in peril.

I hope you take what I say seriously---all of our lives are in the hands of a man who suffers from Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and he has the power to destroy us all.

Understanding who he is will help us learn how  to deal with him and his actions as President of the United States.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Donald, there are more than 50,000 glaciers in Alaska and they are all melting. At some point in the not too distant future the only way people will be able to visit  your Mar-a-Lago estate will be with scuba gear and a snorkel.

Sunday, March 26, 2017



The health care bill that died in the House  last week would have bumped an estimated 24 million people off their health insurance plans.  They would be back using emergency rooms or die early.
That was OK with President Trump because all he cared about was A BIG WIN no matter the cost to the most vulnerable citizens of our country.  In the end he demonstrated what many of us suspected  all along---that he cared not a wit about the people who supported him;  he only  cared about himself and his image.

He was willing to throw the poor, the sick, the poorly educated, the underemployed  and all his adoring followers UNDER THE BUS to get HIS health care bill passed in the House of Representatives. What will it take for his CULT-LIKE FOLLOWERS  to realize that this man has used them to get to the White House and has no intention or ability to  deliver on the simplistic promises he made during his campaign?

Saturday, March 25, 2017



Speaker Ryan:

Thank You for your wonderful work over the past weeks on  the Trump Care Bill. You did what you had to do to make sure "your herd of cats"  and Donald would finally put the slogan "Kill Obama Care" to rest for ever.  It needed to be done and you did it masterfully. The terrible bill you guys crafted was perfect for the occasion and included some provisions that appealed to all extremities of your party and some provisions they could not stomach, so in its entirety it pleased no one. Result---it was a wonderful disaster.  Your leadership crew should be congratulated for a job well done.

Yes, you will be blamed for the failure of repealing and replacing Obama Care.  I know you will never admit you deliberately torpedoed the move to repeal  and replace the ACA, but there are millions of sick and poor people in our country who appreciate what you have done.

You will have a better way forward now that this "anchor" has been removed from around your neck.
Other issues will be easier now that "Obama Care is the law of the land". It had to be done if the country was going to move forward and solve its many problems. We could not afford to continuously be fighting over health care.  Let's improve our current health system,  not damage what people have.

Now it is  time to get to work.  I am an INDEPENDENT progressive,  constituent of Representative Charlie Dent and I supported his NO VOTE on the health care bill.  As he said today  (Saturday 3/25) on TV, we need to  work together (Republicans and Democrats) to govern and move our country forward. I hope you recognize that and can lead us into a better future.

My advice---

1.  You must replace Rep Devin Nunes  as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee with a person who is free of connections with the Trump administration and is competent to do the job.
Our country's future is at stake and we can not fail at this time to face the reality of the situation.

2.  Infrastructure should be a priority. It will be expensive, but it is vital for our country going forward.  Everyone is crossing a bridge, uses a highway, experiences sewerage or water problems. that need to be improved. There are infrastructure improvements needed  in every congressional district in the country so every congressperson has ownership of the problem and the efforts should be bipartisan, so everyone benefits.

3.  Tax Reform---My suggestion is to combine tax reform with infrastructural improvements. .Just about everyone agrees that the wealth of the top 5% far exceeds the rest of us, so lets modify the tax laws to incentivize these folks to pay for our needed upgrades in bridges, highways,  sewer and water treatment systems, school buildings, etc.   Let's be creative and come up with a new approach.  For example maybe we need to have Warren Buffett build a new bridge and then be able to put his name or Logo on it.  After all what we are doing now is not working, so let's try some new ideas.

4. DONALD---President Trump is becoming more and more irrelevant.  He is good at yelling slogans, but terrible at governing.  His AD/HD condition limits his ability to understand policy or major problems, so he resorts to simplistic observations about issues that are often wrong and misleading. His entanglements with Russia and his many financial  endeavors make him a weak partner in any legislation going forward.  Keep him posted, but do not expect any leadership from him or the "luny tunes" acting as his advisors---they have no clue about what is going on.

5.  THE ENVIRONMENT---I have been involved in the environmental movement since Earth Day on April 22, 1970. We as a country have made great progress in the last 47 years and we need to continue to move toward a sustainable status for both our economy and our environment.  CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL----I have seen its effects firsthand in the natural world that I observe every day.
I spent 50 days in Alaska in 2003, there are 50,000 glaciers in the state and every single one was getting smaller. I believe our air, water, and land are cleaner now than they were 100 years ago.
An increasing human population has exacerbated a continuing lost of habitat for the living things that make up our natural ecosystems that surrounds us; but these issues are manageable and are  being addressed in local communities nationwide and should be supported; not impeded by any Federal activity. Despite the efforts of Big Coal and Big Oil to return to the dirty past , it will not happen---the public will not stand for it.  There is over whelming public support for clean energy and no matter how much some try to trash wind, solar and other more sustainable energy forms, they are the wave of the future and can not be thwarted moving forward.

These are some of my thought on our future.  I hope you take them as seriously as I do.

GOOD LUCK MR SPEAKER---you are going to need it.

Your employer

Dick Brown


Saturday, March 18, 2017



Chaos reigns in the United States  and Steve Bannon could not be happier. Historically people have demonstrated that they prefer stability over chaos. even if it means tolerating leadership that is authoritarian or even dictatorial. Mr Bannon, the chief advisor to President Trump has done a "mind-meld" with the president; and they appear to be working from the same "playbook".

Donald J. Trump lives in the "Me, Myself and I" world where only he knows the "truth" and only he can "fix it". I am not sure if he considers himself to be God or simply Emperor Trump. In my opinion Donald's erratic behavior is due to a attention deficit disorder that he suffers from.  He is mentally handicapped and is easily manipulated by those close to him.
Steve Bannon is a brilliant tactician and he is using the fears expressed by Donald and his supporters to move the country toward a more " nationalistic society". Bannon seems to think that he can manipulate the president to continue creating chaos and fear to the point where the federal government will move toward a more authoritarian rule.  Unfortunately our president does not appear to understand our constitutional democracy and might actually welcome complete control.

The president is becoming a sideshow to some people.  Even some who support him, are treating him like a joke. If you are handicapped, the last thing you want, is to be ridiculed for your shortcomings.  This has to hurt and may be behind his constant need to lash out and refusal to apologize for mistakes he makes.  When his colleagues say "Donald will be Donald"in response to a Tweet or comment, it is not a complement.

The President's continued use of Twitter to attack people, events or even other countries is negative, diminishes the stature of the presidency and limits his success.  He should  stop using Twitter, but seems blissfully ignorant to  the chaos he creates with his behavior and no one seems to have the courage to really confront him for fear they will hear those famous words "YOU ARE FIRED".

I do not believe Donald J. Trump will complete his first term.
He is 70 years old and we know nothing about his health. Donald is a very bright person, but he is definitely handicapped in his social and educational skills which is limiting his success as president. His father died of Alzheimers disease, so memory loss has to be a concern for him going forward.  He is already showing the stress of the office and he has been  president for only a few weeks.  I believe deteriorating mental and physical  health will be the most likely causes for Donald to not finish his term.

The other causes for an early exit for Trump are all related to Russia and his finances.  His lack of transparency and honesty about these issues sets him up for all kinds of potential charges.

So if Donald J. Trump leaves the presidency, we get President Mike Pence. Mr Pence is an Evangelical Christian and he is probably more polarizing than Mr Trump; but he appears to be sane and he has governing experience.  His political views are a concern for me, but I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer to have a President who is sane and speaks to God, rather than a person who thinks he is God.