Monday, October 23, 2017



I have been observing Donald  J. Trump for many years and these are some of my conclusions:

1. Donald is a very bright dysfunctional 13 year-old living in a 71 year-old adult body.

2. He suffers from a condition called  Narcissistic Disorder.  This is defined as "excessive admiration of oneself".

3.  Donald Trump is the classic bully.  He lacks the ability to show empathy toward other people or events. His mind simply will not allow him to express genuine concern for others.  He does not know how to do it.  He likes a fight, as all bullies do because this attracts attention and feeds his need to be the center of everything.

Donald has survived with this disorder by living in a bubble of money and lawyers.  His behavior in response to his condition was to become a con-man who uses charm, money and intimidation to succeed. His business practices included hiring people to work for him, accusing them of some wrong doing, refusing to pay them and threatening to destroy them if they sue for their money.  This is how he has gained some of his wealth. It is called STEALING.

Donald loves attention even if it is negative.  As a bully he will say terrible things about others just to keep his followers or opponents talking and writing about him. It is how he maintains his power.

As a public figure Donald attracts people who love a train wreck or enjoy watching car crashes; people who want simple answers to complex problems; who want a god-like leader who says "ONLY I can fix it".  They want to believe him, because they have no hope; they are afraid of the "OTHERS" out there; they want to be wealthy like him; or they simply want a better life.

The tragedy is that Donald is not capable of fulfilling any of the promises he has made.  He and his family apparently believed that if he were President he could get all his ideas immediately put into effect just by the  sheer power of his personality.  That works in a dictatorship, but not in our democratic form of government. He seems to believe he can use his con-man powers of charm, bullying  and intimidation to gets things done. It is not working.

This is a tragedy of monumental proportions for our country and the world. We have a President who does not know what he is doing. The slogans Donald used during the campaign had to be put in the form of policy and legislation.  He appears not to want to work on policy or legislation and has discovered that Congress alone will not do his bidding.  Thus he uses continuous attacka-tweets going after the other branches of government, the media and people who disagree with him. He does not seem to understand how self defeating this approach is. 

I have spoken to Trump's supporters who say "just give him a chance".  His behavior is becoming more erratic and scary by the day,  He is creating "chaos" and either deliberately or unwittingly, he is playing right into the hands of the Russians and Putin. He is NOT the savior his supporters had hoped for and he is not going to change. He loves being in power, but he does not know how to use it.

The Trump presidency is already a failure and the Republicans know it; but most are quietly hoping  for some kind of miraculous rebirth. I believe Donald will not be impeached, but he will leave the White House one way or another before his term is up.

Mike Pence is not equipped to make a good president, so my vote to replace a failed Trump presidency is to elevate UN Ambassador Nikki  Haley to the position---she can be our first woman President.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Recent letters have highlighted the divisions in our country.

It is easy to attack minorities when you are in the majority and let's face it we are a nation composed of 100's of minorities all vulnerable to attacks by a larger white mostly Christian majority. No other nation on the planet has the large number of  minorities that we have in the United States.  Most nations in the world  are more homogeneous than we are.

Except for Native Americans, North America looked empty to our ancestors and many oppressed peoples from all over the world flooded to this land. So now as a result, in the twenty-first century we have become an unplanned experiment in the ongoing survival of the human species. 

Most of us who are white do not know what it feels like to be a minority because we have never had the experience. Have you ever been in a room where you are the ONLY person WHO IS NOT  Jewish, or Black, or Hispanic, or Muslim, or Chinese, or Gay, or the opposite sex?  If you have never had this experience, then you have no idea what minorities face in our society. Millions of Americans are the "OTHER" and they feel it everyday and in every way in the current polarized political climate gripping our nation.

My observation is that many of us live in a bubble, surrounded by people who are the same color, the same ethnic group, go to the same church and often work in the same occupation.  We are insulated and isolated from the real world that exists beyond the edges of our bubble.  If you do not have any real human contact with the "OTHER" it is easy to demonize or criticize them.

The only way we will survive as a nation will be our willingness to get to know our minority citizens as human beings who have the same needs, desires and hopes as we do, so we then can move forward together.



Sunday, October 1, 2017


Donald Trump has demonstrated time after time that he is a lier. He does not seem to the know the difference between the truth and a lie.

Recently Ken Starr of White Water fame answered YES when asked if he thought Donald Trump would be forced to testify in the ongoing Russian Investigation.  The thought of having to testify about the events surrounding his presidential campaign has to terrify Donald. How will he testify as to the truth when he constantly lies about everything  that goes on?  Can he even remember what happened let alone what was true and what was not? Since  he often makes up things when faced with events he must worry about perjury.

I firmly believe Donald will resign and go back to New York rather than  testify in an open  hearing to any of the Committees or the Mueller Investigation.  His lawyers will most assuredly recommend that he not testify. If he does agree it will only be to answer questions presented to him ahead of time when his lawyers can write up his responses.

This may be the only way can get this incompetent, con artist out of the White HOUSE.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Donald J. Trump is a Bully, has been a Bully since he was a child and will continue to be a Bully until the day he dies. His helter-skelter mind won't allow him to change. No threat to him will change his behavior---impeachment, shaming him, taking away his money, silencing his phone,  sending him back to New York, physical punishment---NOTHING WILL WORK TO CHANGE HIM. Our ONLY  HOPE---A HEART TO HEART WITH  his mentor VLADIMIR.  Since his behavior is hurting the Russian "Brand" maybe Vlad can convince Donald to act more like a human being toward the other 7+ billion of us humans on the planet. Donald seems  to worship Mr Putin and he may be our last/best hope to stop this empty shell of a human being from destroying our modern civilization.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I have always thought I could find some good in just about everybody.  I do believe all of us are basically rotten, but most people can at least control their rottenness to some extent  and show compassion for others.

I believe Donald J, Trump is the first person I have encountered that I can say without question is rotten to the core.  His personality disorder apparently prevents him from showing any empathy or concern for others, so he can make terrible, hurtful comments about other people and have no regrets.  His inability to apologize for mistakes or ask for forgiveness are sad reminders of a man trapped in a mind devoid of true emotions of love, empathy, concern for others, etc.  He can not care for others because his mind will not let him. He sees only himself and how he is treated and does not have the mental capacity to put himself in someone else's shoes emotionally.

Donald's handicap does not allow him to understand how other people can show love and concern for those who are hurting or are being unjustly treated. His reaction is to  label concern or love as a sign of weakness.  He became a bully because of his handicap and continues to act as a bully today because he has no capacity to understand or feel the pain of the person being bullied.

Donald is a cold, empty shell of a human being and should be removed from the presidency as soon as possible.


Both political parties are to blame for Trump's ascendancy to power.

The Republicans field just did not know how to respond to  Trump in the primary.  They all looked like a bunch of weak kneed incompetents  and he made them look like fools. They Just did not know to react to a man who lied all the time and called them names and ridiculed them.  They could have pulled the plug on him at the convention, but they did not have the guts to do it. Result---we get an amoral candidate who becomes President.

The Democrats blew their chance with lack of a plan to deal with those in the Rust Belt and rural  areas of the country.  I personally saw the strategy when I asked a staffer about rural areas during the campaign. The campaign according to him was focused on new voters in the intercity (minorities) and was not going to spend money on other areas. Apparently this was done nationwide and was instrumental in Hillary's loss.


Sometimes you have to get really sick before you get better.
That is what we as a nation are currently going through. Any one who has the illusion that they (the KKK, Neo-Nazis, the white nationalists) are the problem needs to look in the  mirror. The continued polarization of the the country along racial and cultural lines has been on going for hundreds of years.  We are all part of the problem and thus can be part of the solution.

The monumental changes over the last 50 years have been too much for many Americans. Think about it. From  "Jim Crow" to a Black President. From Gays in the Closet to same sex marriage. From Coal to Solar. From wall phones to cell phones. From stick shift to driverless cars. From a farm raised President to a billionaire President. For most of us, this progressive movement is exciting; but for others, it scares them to death. Along comes Trump and he will solve all their problems and take care of them, as only he can.  For some he must appear almost "god-like" in his attraction.  When you watch Trump's rallies,  think of them as religious revivals and his rantings as the "gospel according to Trump".  When does he start extolling them to violence? That is when the real problems begin and our country may be destroyed in the process.

We as humans have a tendency to blame others for what ever causes us difficulty. "The other" is a common refrain throughout history when searching for the seeds of conflict, unrest, wars, etc. Our current "seed thrower" is  President Donald J. Trump and he is doing a bang-up job of finding "the others" to blame for his failures and is successfully convincing his core supporters to agree with him. People who are fearful are always vulnerable to manipulation by demi-gods and conmen. Thus Trump's cult-like following. They are the proverbially lemmings jumping off the cliff. This is not new. Mob rule is often depicted in movies and stories; and always follows the same pattern of fear followed by violence against the supposed threat. The Salem witch trials are a classic historic example. 

Mr Trump is a con-artist pretending to be President.  He has survived his whole life by lying to people and convincing them of his sincerity. If they resist, he threatens them with all kinds of dire consequences and he usually has come out on top, because of his wealth and power. 

Donald J. Trump must be removed from the Presidency as soon as possible   He is a threat to our country's future and to the well being of the entire planet.